L.I.S.A. - The Science Portal of The Gerda Henkel Foundation

L.I.S.A. - The Science Portal of The Gerda Henkel Foundation gives in its acronym the portal’s key themes: Lesen, Informieren, Schreiben and Austauschen – or in English: Read, Inform, Write and Exchange. Not least, L.I.S.A helps us remember the founder of the Gerda Henkel Foundation, Lisa Maskell, who in 1976 set up the foundation in memory of her mother Gerda Henkel. L.I.S.A. is hence firmly anchored in the foundation’s traditions while at the same time is reflecting current and future research needs.


L.I.S.A. is open to all scholars and funded researchers of the Gerda Henkel Foundation as well as to everyone interested in topics drawn from the field of the historical humanities. All are invited to fill the portal with relevant articles from the historical disciplines, to add their knowledge and to quickly and dynamically exchange questions, results and viewpoints.


L.I.S.A. provides comprehensive topic files, invites young academics to online lectures and expert discussions, offers a platform for video articles from everyday academic life, stimulates professional discussions and creates a public for book reviews, exhibition criticism and event announcements. L.I.S.A. also offers young researchers the opportunity for high-profile presentation of their dissertation projects, to exchange views and to involve themselves in every topic.


The editorial office of L.I.S.A. is to be found at the Gerda Henkel Foundation’s headquarters in Düsseldorf. From there key topics, articles and discussions are planned and overseen.

The Gerda Henkel Foundation

The Gerda Henkel Foundation supports research in the field of the historical humanities. Core areas of funded activity are the support of research projects, the award of promotion and research bursaries and the support of academic symposia. Further, in collaboration with renowned universities and research institutes the Foundation offers fellowships for researchers and scientific journalists in Great Britain and the USA. Since 2006 the Gerda Henkel prize, endowed with € 100,000, has been awarded every two years for outstanding scientific services in the disciplines supported by the Institution. Since 2008 present and future-oriented issues have been addressed by the Foundation in its new operational sector of "Conflict research". The regionally-oriented special programmes "Eastern Europe" and "Central Asia", together with the special programme "Islam, the modern nation state and transnational movements" first announced in 2009, have built upon the basic programmes of the Foundation.